New Toni
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a kind invitation to


21. to 24.of  August
10 am to 1pm
reading group

with Anke Dyes, Michele Di Menna and Jutta Zimmermann

Please join us for a week of reading, discussing and (hopefully) arguing about monsters & mutants, desires, hysteria, dreams, soma, bodies, complicity and psychoanalysis:
We want to read Can the monster speak by Paul Preciado via Jamison Webster's response Useless Organs in her book Disorganisation & Sex

Preceding the reading Michele Di Menna will lead us through somatic exercises.

Book Launch: Jürgen Beck: Sun Breakers, Spector Books

Join us for a book launch and a conversation between Jürgen Beck and Anke Dyes on Saturday, June 24th at 6 pm at New Toni.

Saturday, June 24, 4-8 pm

Aleksandra Bielas
Reflection Series #2: B Ebene

Reflection Series is organized and framed by an alternating display by Antonia Breme

Opening Saturday, June 3, 6-9 pm

Performance 7 pm sharp

Exhibition June 4 – July 8, 2023

Philipp Schwalb
4 die kinder

Opening Saturday, January 21, 6-9 pm

Exhibition January 22 – February 12, 2023
open Sat 2-6 pm and by appointment

Tanja Widmann – Since 1884
Produced by Johannes Porsch

Opening Saturday, November 12, 3-6 pm

Exhibition November 13 – December 4, 2022
open Sat 2-6pm and by appointment

Black Palm – Sonja Cvitkovic
Reflection Series #1: Daily Deals

Reflection Series is organized and framed by an alternating display by Antonia Breme

Opening Saturday, September 17, 6-9 pm

Exhibition September 18 – October 23, 2022

Publication launch, September 17, 6-9 pm
Antonia Breme

Mystery Box
Georgina Hill and Maximilian Schmoetzer

An exhibition in the window space of New Toni
curated by Antonia Breme and Christian Lübbert
as part of the Project Space Festival 2022

Opening Thursday, August 4, 6-9 pm

Exhibition August 5 – August 28, 2022

a kind invitation to

Vera Palme – Paintings und was sie von sich halten

Opening Saturday, April 9, 5-9 pm

Exhibition April 10 - May 1, 2022
open Sat 2-6pm and by appointment

Bauer Verlag
Berlin launch: Reihe No. 1 & 2

first two publications as part of the series Reihe published by Bauer Verlag
No. 1: Resisting Exactitude by Yara Feghali, Iulia Nistor
No. 2: About Jane Dickson and Maximilian Klawitter by Maximilian Klawitter

Sunday, 13 February, 5-9 pm

Hans-Christian Lotz

Opening Saturday, 09 October, 5-9 pm

Exhibition 10 October - 31 October 2021
open Sat 2-6 pm and by appointment

Nadim Vardag – Speicher

Opening Saturday, 10 July, 5-9 pm

Exhibition Jul 11 - Aug 01 2021
open Sat 2-6pm and by appointment

Jutta Zimmermann – Break

Exhibition Oct 10 - Nov 01
Sat 2-6pm and by appointment

Florian Rossmanith – Take care of your Glas

Opening Thursday, 30 Jan, 7-10 pm

Exhibition Jan 31 - Feb 23
Sat 2-6pm and by appointment
& Sunday, Feb 23, 12am-2pm

Antonia Breme
of allure and vanity

7 Dec - 5 Jan 2019
Opening Dec 06 / 7-10 pm

Меня зовут Анне

Reading and talk (in German language) by Anne Wundrak

Sat 28 September 2019 / 7pm

Robert Müller

Opening Apr 05 2019 / 7-10 pm
Apr 6–28 2019

Opening Hours Gallery Weekend
Apr 28 / 2-7 pm

& by appointment

Room to Move

by Isabella Kohlhuber, Imre Nagy

Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017, 19 Uhr

Salon für Kunstbuch 21er Haus
Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Wien


by Linda Reif

Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017, 18 Uhr

Lazy Life
Burggasse 44
1070 Wien

über die Gefahren beim Beamen
Steffi Alte, Eva Seiler, Nikolaus Ruchnewitz & Verlag Danny Grassow
Samstag, 30. September
18-21 Uhr
Schadekgasse 6-8 /1060 Wien

S: ja
ich mein aber eigentlich muss man ja dann fragen
gibt es überhaupt eine seele
also bevor man fragt
kann man überhaupt beamen
muss man eigentlich
und dann ist man so bei religion
und so gott
und also eben mit den transkriptionsfehlern
also und der fliege
wenn sich das dann vermischt
und dann hat man ja aber nicht mehr die eigenen erinnerungen sondern die erinnerungen der fliege dann...
E: ja
S:...aber das ist ja dann interessant...
E: ob man die dann überhaupt unterscheiden kann,
ob man das dann selber auch interessant findet

über die Gefahren beim Beamen
Ausgehend von den Überresten der beiden Performances:  

über die Gefahren beim Beamen (2010) und es ist Zeit wir müssen den Präsidenten anrufen (2011)

eine Edition von Steffi Alte, Eva Seiler und Nikolaus Ruchnewitz.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

e ers

In the pedestrian zone I only entered the closed Sinn Le er department store for a short time. Stagnant moving stairways, empty product displays, old brand banners, sockets without use. Architecture and objects stick out. Best of the rest. Everything left over became fetishized, standing for something else. Outside I strolled around the building. All signs and logos were altered, now meaning literally empty sense. All shop windows were decorated with left over stuff, someone seemed to still feel responsible. In a close by drugstore I bought two single-use cameras, came back and took these pictures.

Malte Lochstedt & Verlag Danny Grassow
​& SHOP MIXX Release MNM Ltd.

Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016
18-21 Uhr

Skalitzer Str. 68
im Hinterhof
10997 Berlin
U1 Schlesisches Tor

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